Prof. Ing. Roberto Fedele


R Fedele, Approach à la Piola for the equilibrium problem of bodies with second gradient energies. Part II: Variational derivation of second gradient equations and their transport, Continuum Mechanics and Thermodynamics, 34, pages 1087–1111  (2022).
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R. Fedele, “Piola’s approach to the equilibrium problem for bodies with second gradient energies. Part I: First gradient theory and differential geometry”, Continuum Mechanics and Thermodynamics, 34, pages 445–474 (2022).
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R Fedele, F Hameed, N Cefis, G Vergani, “Analysis, Design and Realization of a Furnace for In Situ Wettability Experiments at High Temperatures under X-ray Microtomography” Journal of Imaging 7 (11), 240, 2021.
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Susanna Migliori, Claudio Chiastra, Marco Bologna, Eros Montin, Gabriele Dubini, Cristina Aurigemma, Roberto Fedele, Francesco Burzotta, Luca Mainardi, Francesco Migliavacca, “A framework for computational fluid dynamic analyses of patient-specific stented coronary arteries from optical coherence tomography images” Medical Engineering and Physics, Volume 47, September 2017, Pages 105-116.
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Fedele, R., “Simultaneous Assessment of mechanical properties and boundary conditions based on Digital Image Correlation”, Experimental Mechanics, Special Issue, 55(1), January 2015 Special Issue: DIC Methods and Applications, 139-153.

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Fedele, R., Scaioni, M., Barazzetti, L., Rosati, G., Biolzi, L., “Delamination tests on CFRP-reinforced masonry pillars: optical monitoring and mechanical modelling”, Cement & Concrete Composites, Vol. 45, pp. 243–254, 2014.
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Fedele, R., Galantucci, L., Ciani, A., “Global 2D Digital Image Correlation for motion estimation in a finite element framework: a variational formulation and a regularized, pyramidal, multi-grid implementation”, Int. J. Numerical Methods in Engineering, Volume 96, Issue 12 (21 December), pp. 739–762, 2013.
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